In early 2019 we decided we wanted to relocate to Germany. It was a decision that would not only further my career and improve my faltering German, but also allow us to travel a different continent for a few years.

In September of that year I was able to land a job at a company in Bochum, not far from where my dad grew up.

In December, while we were packing our possessions and giving away or selling the rest, an ominous chain of events was occurring halfway across the world.

When we hugged our parents goodbye at Logan Airport on the first of January 2020, we couldn’t imagine things would turn out quite the way they did.

So here we are, a little more than one year into a global pandemic. We postponed our wedding, and have not seen our families in person since that evening at the airport (with the exception of my dad who visited in February). We had hoped to soften the blow of our overseas move by visiting the States for a couple of weddings, but those fell through as well.

Relatively speaking, we have been very lucky. My job is stable and we have stayed healthy, as have our families. Things could be much worse, and we were able to make the most of the time “between the lock-downs”.

Biking under the Ruhrtalbrücke near my grandmother’s house, where we stayed for the first three months.
The Ruhrgebiet has a long history of coal and steel; many of the mining heaps now have sculptures like this on top of them.
Soaking up the early spring sun in Köln.
One positive side of the pandemic is that sights like Burg Eltz aren’t jam-packed with tourists.
Hiking among the vines above the Mosel river.
Visiting some very welcoming family friends in Hamburg.
Exploring the beech forests in Jasmund National Park.
The cliffs at Jasmund.
Cycling around Tempelhof Airport in Berlin.
Obligatory photo at the wall.
Hiking in the Allgäuer Hochalpen after visiting my aunt, uncle, omama, and cousins in Bavaria.
Another family friend, Bert, was our guide on a very wet hut overnight.
We visited a friend/co-worker of Becca’s in Chamonix and hiked, ran, and biked our way to total exhaustion.
Porter enjoying her new European lifestyle.
Interesting sights on a grueling hike in the Swiss Alps near Italy.
Lazing by the canals in Amsterdam.
The cube apartments in Rotterdam.
When German beer and food got boring, we headed to the Netherlands. Rotterdam is the closest place with good tacos and IPAs!
Morning at the Kinderdijk windmills.
The beautiful architecture of Dresden.
A very nice example of a Wasserburg.
Some of the old industrial parks in the Ruhrgebiet have been turned into parks.
The snowy Sauerland a few days before New Year’s.