Becca and I spent the day up in Baxter State Park, and hiked Mount Katahdin. It was very warm for late September, and we had some spectacular views. Right before we left Portland, my DSLR battery decided to stop working…so these were all taken with Becca’s point-and-shoot. They came out well, and having such a light camera on the hike was nice. However, my heavy Minolta may have offset that.

Morning at Katahdin Stream

The view of Katahdin from the Katahdin Stream campground.


A view from the Hunt trail.

Knife Edge

Our first glimpse of Knife Edge.

Becca on Knife Edge

Becca on Knife Edge.

Wilds of Maine

The vast wilds of Maine…

Black bear foraging

We saw a bear. And a rabbit. And a deer. Film photos of the trip to come!