Portland Head Light

Get home from work, leash dog, “Up!” into the car, 1st gear, drive, arrive, lift dog over fence, hop fence, take pictures. That’s been a bit of routine in the last couple of weeks because low tide has been happening around dusk, offering more locations to explore and good light for long exposures. It’s a good system, Porter gets to wander around (read: chew shells) and I get to take pictures. The camera on a barely functioning tripod, perched on slippery uneven rocks is already unnerving, not to mention Porter sprinting between the tripod legs.

Porter by the sea

Porter keeping a safe distance from the frigid waves.

Rocky beach at Portland Head Light

Portland Head Light on a perfect sunny day.

Winter at Portland Head

Exploring the alien surface.

Stormy seas

Stopped by with Becca on a particular stormy evening, but she decided to stay in the car. Porter was enthusiastic about the foghorn.

Out on the rocks

Low tide meant we could be venture out beyond the lighthouse.

Sea trash

Sad that this stuff ends up in the ocean, but it makes for a good subject.

Dusk beach


Ships in the night

A tugboat and barge coming into port for the night.

Rocky coast

Maybe for our next trip we will check out Two Lights…but there’s something about Portland Head that keeps us coming back.

Portland Head Light