Rooty toot toots and rummy tum tums

It only recently occured to me that I could improve my night photography by shooting with exposure bracketing. I have used HDR quite a bit, and find that it is a nice way to bring depth and fullness into a scene. For many photographers, once they discover it, it is the only way for them to shoot. It is often overdone, and can be a technical crutch that allows composition and subject choice to suffer. I have always tried to use it subtlely, and to use it when it is actually warranted.

I decided to head out into the town and try it out on Portland’s numerous holiday light displays. Portland seems to be one of the best when it comes to lights…they’re arranged and organized by Pandora and Jesse LaCasse (an artist and an electrician, I believe?). They seem to grow in number every year, which is great. I thought HDR would work well for these scenes, since I could have a higher exposure to bring out the details in the buildings and trees, without over-exposing on the bright lights.

Reflections in Deering Oaks

Reflections on the pond in Deering Oaks Park.

Fruit tree

Another tree near Deering Oaks Park.

Light sacs

A closer shot of the above tree, bringing out out the details in the bark and orbs.

Deering Oaks lights

Another angle of a tree in Deering Oaks Park.

Falling orbs on MECA

A nice display on the Maine College of Art.

Commercial Street orbs

Down on Commercial Street, this is the only one that isn’t HDR.

Rooty toot toots and rummy tum tums