Stuck in Seattle

In the madness of packing up our apartment, we lost track of Porter’s flea/tick and heartworm medicine (done through our vet, so not something you pick up at Petco). Unfortunately, we discovered this while we were packing the car for the roadtrip. So we planned to have them shipped ahead to Jesse in Big Sky. Somehow two weeks was not nearly enough time for the company to ship them, so we had them sent to Seattle instead. We were staying with one of my mom’s old friends. The meds didn’t arrive on the second day. Or the third. Or the fourth. We eventually left Seattle (having stayed a couple days longer than planned) with the plan of the friend sending them to on to our next host. Though it was a pain to deal with all the shipping and waiting around, we made good use of our time. We explored many of Seattle’s neighborhoods and districts, had some ridiculously good vegan food (if you’re in Seattle, go to Plum Bistro), and hiked in the beautiful mountains east of the city.

Public Market

Olympic peninsula

On the first day we wandered around Discovery Park, and took in the views of the Olympic Peninsula over the water.


Lush growth in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness. Most of our days in Seattle were clear and bright, but the mountains were misty, carrying that Pacific Northwest vibe I wanted to experience.

Blue water

We took a tip from some local friends to hike past Snow Lake (which was packed with hikers), and continue on to Gem Lake. There was barely anyone there, so I guess it was a good tip!

Becca in the mountains
I would have to say these were my favorite mountains on the whole trip. The combination of craggy mountains peaking out of the mist, plants of all shapes and colors, crystal clear lakes, the fresh wet air, perfect.


On another occasion, we hiked Mount Defiance and camped at Mason Lake. We were the only people there. It was lovely to watch the light fade over the still lake while Porter bounded through the underbrush…this was one of the moments that reminded me why we were doing this roadtrip.

Mason Lake

Morning on Mason Lake

Stuck in Seattle