After a few months of long commuting, in August I moved from New Hampshire to Portland, Maine. I am already pretty familiar with the city, but only as a visitor for a day or two, so I am excited to have the time to pursue my photographic interests here.

The main reason for this blog is to post any shoots I do for people as well as for any artistic projects/sets that I work on. The purpose of the website overall is to showcase (what I consider to be) my best work, but I am hoping this blog will be able to complement that with some more frequently updated content. As always, my Flickr page has the most content, but I have found that it lacks a certain personality.

Plants in the apartment

Plants in the apartment.

Ferry at Bug Light

Casco Bay Ferry and Bug Light.

Sunset from Standpipe Park

Sunset over Back Cove, taken from Standpipe Park.