Wine Tasting

Becca wanted to have a better idea of what certain wines are like, so we decided to organize an informal wine tasting at my parent’s house. I just bought a $3 battery for my DSLR, and it worked (remarkably), so I brought my camera along. The color was set to monochrome when I took the pictures, though they came into Lightroom as colored (because they were taken in RAW?).

Wine tasting

The wine “aficionado”.


Ueli, a friend from Zurich, visting with his wife Sue.


Collin in the shadows

Katherine and Collin.

A mysterious guest

A mysterious guest arrives…

Becca and Jochen

Becca and my Dad.

The judges

Kai and Trevor stopped in, and immediately needed to have the highest rated wine.


Mom, taken by Becca.

Red wine

We had a lot of wine.

Wine Tasting